Best Hairstyles for round faces

We all have different ways of defining what we consider best. In the hairstyle industry, best can be defined as what we have seen looking great on someone with like features to ours more so if they are a public figure. When your aim is choosing the best hairstyle for your round face, you will need the best hairstylist to ensure it comes out perfect. Be sure to look for these traits in your stylist:

  • Experienced with similar hairstyles and ladies with round faces;
  • Great listener and will pay attention to every detail you give;
  • Round faces can be tricky to style and you will need someone patient enough;
  • Get a stylist who is willing and fee to advise you on ways to better what you have chosen;
  • Get a stylist with a positive attitude.

These hairstyles have been tried by ladies with round faces and they are the best at dazzling your facial features.

Straight Bob

An asymmetrical bob that gets to your chin will bring out the best in your features. Give it a deep side part and for more sophistication, you can choose to give one side a tuck behind the ear for a more attractive and alluring look.

Side Swoop Bangs

A wavy bob will look amazing with your round face when it has been enhanced with a long side swoop bangs. Let the bangs be long and as soon as they touch your eyebrow, sweep them to the side to barely cover the corner of your eye. Make sure the edges of your bob are a bit angular for a great streamlining effect on your round face.

Textured Pixie Cut

This haircut is given very low but soft cuts on the sides. It is textured with long layers that run across the forehead. Layers from the top should cover the cropped backside to draw more attention to the top and forehead thinning out your round face.

Pinned Back Waves

This is a perfect hairstyle for you if you love some length with your hair. It works best with a long and medium length that goes below the shoulders. Give it a soft middle part and hold a few strands just above the ears and pin them to the back for a neat appearance. Allow strands of hair to fall on your shoulders to the front. The hairstyle will bring a sweet symmetry to your look.

Long Straight Layers

This is a simple long hairstyle that will bring out a lavish look with your round face. Let loose your straight hair and have your stylist cut long soft layers beginning from your chin. You can choose a middle part or a side part and a fancy tuck behind the ears. This hairstyle will give your round face an illusion of length.

An amazing haircut begins with your boldness and courage and ends with confidence in your look. Any of these amazing hairstyles will get everyone turning your direction with awe.