Indian Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyles have evolved beyond borders and ladies have embraced all hairstyles that bring out the best in their looks. Ladies with round faces favor long sleek hairstyles as they bring a slimming effect. Indian hairstyles have over time been known to be the best for long hair and they do look awesome with round faces.

Puffed-Up Hair

This is a classic Indian hairstyle that goes great with naturally wavy hair. It has a well-defined side part and the hair at the top puffs as it flows to the side and back. Pull back one side to the back and the other to fall to the front of your shoulder. It will make your face look bigger but it will not emphasize the roundness.

The Messy Side Bun

This is a hairstyle that is suitable for round faces and will give you an amazing look for any occasion. Part the hair on the side and pull it all loosely to the back. Make a bun on one side on the back of your head and leave loose strands on the side. Be sure the loose strands are not too long.

Puffed Pull Back

This hairstyle is stylish and perfect for round face as it elongates your forehead. Pull hair to your crown to create a puffed effect then pull hair from your side to the back. Hold it in place with bobby pins or in a pony with a band. Leave the rest of the hair free to fall back. The puffed crown gives an illusion of volume and adds some length to your face.

The Slicked- High Pony

This hairstyle will look awesome with or without bangs. Hold the hair loosely into a high ponytail and if you choose bangs, sweep them to the side just before they cover the eyebrows. If you choose not to have bangs, leave some strands of hair either at the middle of the hairline to fall to the sides of your cheeks or on the sides just above the ears to fall on your sides. These effects will give your face a slimming effect.

Whichever hairstyle you choose, be sure to stay away from the following:

  • Hairstyles that make you chubbier;
  • Hairstyles that do not fit well with your skin tone and eye color;
  • Hairstyles that give your face a bowling effect.

When your face is round, you need to complement it and draw attention to the right facial features. Indian hairstyles are great for long hair and any one of these will give your round face a lavish look.