Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

A medium-length haircut can be described as any haircut that comfortably rests on the shoulders but not too long below the shoulders. Medium-length hairstyles for round faces are a fantastic choice for ladies of all ages. These hairstyles are popular and stylish being suitable for both casual and formal occasions. When choosing one of the many medium length hairstyles, be sure to choose a style that will complement your round face.

When your face is round, do your best to avoid hairstyles such as:

  • Blunt wispy bangs; they will make your cheeks more pronounced;
  • A bowl bob with bangs; will make your face look more round;
  • Be precautious with one length cuts that are too angular;
  • Too many layers will only make your face look more round thus be preservative with layers.

You may choose one of these amazing hairstyles that have been successful in greatness for round faces.

Wavy Free Fall

This hairstyle is slightly longer than shoulder length and is a great choice if you are nervous about cutting your hair too short. It is parted in the middle and allowed to fall freely on the sides. It looks particularly great with naturally wavy hair and creates an excellent elongated appearance.


Shaggy Comb over Lob

This haircut is shoulder length and takes the natural form and texture of your hair. A side part gives this hair cut a sassier look. The hairstyle will give you a feeling of freedom and independence and the hair itself will flow freely. It is an easy to maintain haircut as you just need to comb it anyway you please every day. If you have dark hair, blonde highlights will brighten this style. If your hair is blonde or a bright color, consider adding a dark shade dye to your hair roots.

Gradient Long Bob

This haircut is also known as an ombre lob and works best with straight hair. It is a medium length hairstyle that flows to the collarbone. The hairstyle is more suitable for younger ladies who want to look bright and beautiful. 

The double tone draws attention to your hair with a darker color at the base and a brighter color on the edges. The haircut is angled and for a more sophisticated look, you may choose to add triangle layers. Layers add volume which goes a long way to give a framing effect to your round face.

When choosing a hairstyle, feel free to go the extra mile to ask your stylist what they feel will work for your features. The hairstyles above will guarantee a great look and a wonderful blend with your round face.