Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

All short haircuts are easy to manage and low maintenance and will take very little of your time to style every day. Short hair is also considered to offer a flattering look to most ladies. This is however not enough information if you are eyeing a short haircut and you have a round face. You need to look at how a short haircut will reflect your facial features. You will need to get information about:

  • How a hairstyle will fit your eye color;
  • How the short hairstyle you want will fit with your skin tone;
  • Will the short haircut you want to be perfect with your natural hair or will you need to manipulate it for better results;
  • How short you are willing to cut your hair.

If you are looking for a magnificent short haircut, consider one of these amazing hairstyles that will accentuate your round face.

Side Parted Wavy Bob

This haircut has soft wide waves and a side part gives it a special wow. The hair is cut at chin length and is perfect for ladies with round faces and love accessorizing their ears. Allow one side to fall slightly to your face as it moves to the side.

Choppy Layered Bob

This bob haircut is not too short and is perfect for straight hair. It slightly touches the shoulders and the choppy layers give it volume and an airy look. This hairstyle will bring out the best in your facial features.

Side parted Fro

This is a hairstyle that is perfect for naturally curly hair. The hair is cut to neck length just barely touching the shoulders. This hairstyle will allow you to fluff out your natural curls to create a side-parted afro. Curly hair is springy and elastic and you can always pick a few strands on the side and stretch them to the back for a more neat and executive look.

Puffed Pixie

If you want to go for a more flirty and attractive look, this hairstyle is for you.  The sides are cropped low but soft while the top cut is long. Have the top hair puffed up to form a high crown that gives your round face some length.

Asymmetrical Ombre Bob

The hair in this hairstyle is cut short on one side and the length increases as you move to the other side. It looks hot and awesome with a side cut. A bright ombre on the longer side will give this hairstyle an extra lavish. If you have dark hair, add a bright gradient and if you have blonde hair feel free to go bright color like pink or purple.

A decision to go the short hairstyle way is the right call when you have a round face. With one of these super haircuts, you will turn heads in your direction with your stunning appearance.