Most Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

Face shapes very important when selecting a hairstyle as it determines the success of the hairstyle. Round faces have been known to have a sweet appeal and with the right haircut, a flattering sophistication to it. With round faces, all hair lengths can work okay but you will have to be very considerate about:

  • Hair color; do you want to keep your natural hair color or will you be willing to manipulate it for a better look.
  • Eye color; some hairstyles work okay with all eye colors but some may not fit your eye color thus should be avoided
  • Skin tone: Find haircuts that complement your skin tone
  • Reputation; look at what people are saying about the hairstyle on the site that is most visited more so by peers

You can find great hairstyles from sites that have been referred by peers and celebrities. You can also request for a link if you like a suggestion so as to show your stylist so they know exactly what you want. There are many hairstyles that fit round faces for you to choose from. Let’s look at some hairstyles for round faces that I found most flattering:

  • Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

The sides and back are cut really short and you can ask your stylist for soft cuts around the ears. The top is a bit longer and a long bang that you can sweep to the side will give you a great look. The longer top will look a bit lifted and along with the bang, you will achieve the illusion of length for your round face.

  • Layered Bob with Soft Bang

The hair is cut to shoulder length and the bangs are cut soft to give them an airy look. The bangs should be a bit long to slightly cover the eyebrows. Ask your stylist to cut the bangs slightly longer at the ends so they flow a bit lower at corners of your eyes. Soft layers to your wavy hair will add volume and this will accentuate your round face features for a wow look.

  • Long and Layered

Long hair is often associated with an attractive look. If you love your hair with length, worry not for you can have an awesome style that fits your round face. Long cascading layers that begin at the shoulders will give your long hairstyle and glamor. 

You can part it in the middle and let it fall free on your sides. You can also choose to hold the hair at the crown in a pony leaving the back to fall freely. If you pick the later style, allow a few strands of layers to fall to your sides from the top to give you a slimming effect. You can also pull some of the free hair to your sides for a modern look.

Looking good in any one of these amazing hairstyles is a guarantee. They are flattering and attractive and will fit perfectly with your round face. All you will need to ace any of these looks is confidence in yourself and in your stylist.